5 things to do before you let a viewer in your house

16 Feb 5 things to do before you let a viewer in your house

As a seller ‘The Viewing’ is probably the most nail biting part of the sales process, having strangers looking around your home is not a comfortable feeling.  We’ve put together these top tips to help make it a positive experience for both you and the viewers.

  1. Make the best first impression

Pull up any weeds, give the garden a sweep, the front door a wipe down and hide the bins to make sure the first look really sweeps buyers off their feet.  And if you can, leave a parking space available for them so that they really feel like they’re coming home.

  1. Remove distractions

Your pet is lovely and gives visitors the warmest welcome but all a purring cat or playful puppy will do for your buyers is distract them from looking at your property. We don’t want them to walk out thinking Pets at Home is their next stop, we want them to buy your property.

  1. Neutralise Nasty Niffs

Even if that spaghetti bolognese was delicious last night the lingering smell of garlic won’t appeal to everyone, get the windows open and pots and pans cleaned and out of the way so that the property smells nice and fresh ready for a new owner.

  1. Personal Tidy Up

It’s obvious that you should tidy up but you should also be mindful of anything personal that you’ve left out.  You might have left a bill out to remind you to pay it but you wouldn’t want someone else being able to glance over it as they walk by.

  1. Final Scoot


Anita Donovan Sales Advisor

And finally, just before you’re about to leave the house ready for your guests pop into every room with a basket and remove anything lying around or airing on the radiators!  And double check that everyone has made their beds & picked up their washing.




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