8 Secrets to selling your home in winter

24 Nov 8 Secrets to selling your home in winter

The clocks have gone back one hour, daylight hours have diminished. So is this the right time of the year to sell your home?

It certainly could be!  Serious buyers will buy in winter. They could be looking because they ‘have’ to, so it can put you, the seller, in a very advantageous position if you are flexible with timings. There may also be less competition at this time of the year.

Follow our top tips to make your home ‘The One’.

  1. Make a good first impression.

Put on the porch light. Give your front door a makeover, and put some pots with winter plants by the door

  1. Warm the heart and soul

You may like a cool house. Many buyers don’t. A feeling of cosiness and warmth is so inviting, so up the heating, or if you have a fire put it on or if you have a living fire light it!

  1. Then there was light.

If possible, try to arrange for your home to be available for viewings whilst there is some daylight. This is where flexibility comes in. Clean the curtains and the blinds and leave them open. Clean the windows. Turn on the lights if it’s a gloomy day outside. Invest in some timers for your lamps. You never know when a potential buyer will drive past to check outside before viewing. Your home will look attractive and secure and buyers may decide to arrange a further look.

  1. ’ Tis the season to be jolly

Let your home reflect to prospective buyers some festive spirit and how to celebrate in their prospective home. Create a welcoming aroma with candles and flowers.

  1. Freshen up

If your kitchen needs a face lift it may be worth replacing cupboard doors or giving them a lick of paint. If other rooms need brightening up choose neutral autumnal colours, creams and whites to give your home an inexpensive but stunning look. Cupboard space is a great selling point. Declutter cupboards and wardrobes to give prospective buyers the chance to visualise where their possessions can be stored. Carpets and hard floors need to look clean and fresh.

  1. Be prepared

Always be ready to accept viewing times, the more flexible you are the better.  A potential buyer could step through our door at any given time. Clean. Stack away dishes and make the beds.  Your home needs to look spotless. 

  1. Outside space

Tidy the garden. Whilst this time of the year is not a great time for gardening, a neat tidy outside space can still give prospective buyers an idea of what can be achieved throughout every season. If fences are looking unstable get them fixed before the winter gales do even more damage and the boundary for the property is no longer clear.

  1. And finally

If you have any photos of your garden and property taken in the spring and summer, leave these out so that the buyers can see what their potential home can deliver throughout the year. Outside entertaining and leisure time spaces are very compelling. Pictures can paint a lifestyle that buyers can visualise after the cold and damp weather has been replaced with the warmer months.

If you would like any further advice about selling or presenting your home for sale please drop us a line at enquiries@robinsonreade.co.uk or pop into the office for a chat.



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