Covid-19 Be Clean – Be Safe Policy

Robinson Reade’s Covid-19 ‘Be clean – Stay safe’ policy

The health and safety of our customers and staff is paramount so we have prepared this policy to be adhered to during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic period.

 For visitors to our offices

  • Please ONLY enter/leave the premises by the front door
  • Only one visitor to enter at a time (two people from the same household may enter)
  • All visitors must wear a face covering
  • If the front office space is already occupied please wait outside for the iter people to leave
  • Please maintain a 2m distance from staff wherever possible.
  • If handing over paperwork or keys please place on the table at the front of the office
  • We will sanitise keys with an antibacterial wipe or spray prior to hand over
  • To lessen the risk of transmission wherever possible we will aim to be a paperless office so documents or property details will be emailed as a PDF document
  • Hand sanitizer is available for use by all visitors
  • If you are going to have to sign paperwork or collect keys please bring your own pen
  • If you or any of your household have symptoms please stay at home

For Valuation/Instruction Visits 

Please be advised that whilst we will take all reasonable care to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus both homeowners/occupiers are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and by inviting us into their home are doing so at their own risk.

 Prior to Robinson Reade attending a valuation the following must be satisfied:

  • The homeowner/occupier must confirm that they, or anyone within the household, have not had any symptoms within the last 14days and does not have Coronavirus
  • The agent attending must confirm the same
  • The number of people in the property should be kept to a maximum of 2 and children/pets removed
  • If other occupants are unable to go out we ask that wait in the garden or perhaps in the car for the duration of the visit.
  • The homeowner /occupier will clean the property including any door handles etc before the visit
  • The agent will supply & wear their own PPE, gloves, face mask and shoes covers
  • The homeowner /occupier should wear a face covering as a minimum
  • A 2 metre distance should be maintained between the occupants and the agent wherever possible
  • Under no circumstances should hands be shaken
  • To limit the amount of time spent within the property price discussions and marketing plan may be discussed via a video/telephone call or via email after the visit.

For instruction visits/take on appointment:

  • Wherever possible the property will be vacated for the duration of our visit, either by providing a key or the homeowner/occupiers going out
  • The homeowner /occupier will clean the property including any door handles etc before the visit and leave internal doors/cupboards open
  • The agent may need to move some items for photographs etc, any items touched will be wiped down with antibacterial wipes or spray before we leave the property
  • Any paperwork requiring signature can be sent via Signable (or similar) for electronic signature
  • We will need sight of ID, i.e. both photo ID and proof of address, if possible we would ask these be left out for inspection.
  • Property particulars will be emailed for approval prior to listing the property

For Viewings

Please see our separate policy

For staff

In the office

  • Please only enter/exit by the side door, the front door is for visitors
  • Upon arrival to work (or returning to office) please immediately wash your hands
  • If you are first in please open internal office doors (except to key room) & windows, wiping the handles with an antibac wipe as you go. Please also wipe bannisters
  • We should all refrain from touching bannisters if possible
  • Maintain 2m distance from colleagues/visitors wherever possible
  • Staff should wear a face covering when dealing with visitors to the office
  • Only one person to enter the kitchen at a time
  • No more than four staff members to be in any office at one time
  • Sales & lettings teams will hold separate morning meetings
  • Joint meetings will be held via Zoom
  • If you or any of your household have symptoms you must stay at home for 14 days, you will be entitled to SSP (or you may be able to work from home.)
  • Before leaving for the day wipe your desk, mouse, keyboard & phone etc with antibacterial wipe or use spray.
  • After any interaction with a visitor or key handling etc immediately wash your hands or use antibac gel/wipe.
  • Please wash up your own cup at the end of each day and place on tray
  • A supply of bottled water is available (rather than glasses which get swapped around) or use your own marked glass/bottle only
  • Do not use another staff members computer, phone or pen
  • Ensure you leave the cloakroom clean
  • Use paper towels after washing hands and dispose of carefully (or hand drier)

Out of the office

  • If using the pool car please wipe the steering wheel, gearstick, hand brake and door handles with an antibac wipe or spray before and after use.
  • Only one person may be in the car at any one time – we cannot chauffeur viewers.
  • PPE i.e. Disposable gloves, face masks and shoe covers are available for all staff.
  • PPE should be worn on all viewings and market appraisals.
  • Do not take your shoes off, wear shoe covers instead.
  • Make sure you arrive at any viewing early so that you can ensure that the property is not occupied (i.e. the vendors are out.)
  • Whilst we will provide shoe covers and hand wipes for viewers and will take all reasonable steps to ensure their safety, viewers do so at their own risk.
  • Viewers should be wearing a face covering, you may refuse to show them around the property if they do not comply with our viewing policy.
  • Do not shake hands, even if wearing gloves
  • Maintain 2m distance wherever possible.
  • Anti bac spray and/or wipes are available to wipe down any surfaces/door handles following a viewing.
  • Please dispose of all items, i.e. PPE & wipes in a waste bag to be stored in the boot of your/the car.
  • Use anti bac gel before getting back into the car
  • Wash your hands immediately upon returning home/to the office

Thank you for your cooperation, let’s stay safe and do what we do best.

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