How long is too long?

18 Nov How long is too long?


I’ve seen a few homeowners recently who are disappointed with their current agent’s efforts and a lack of viewings after three months on the market. They (rightly) believe it’s time to try a different approach to generate new interest in their home.

In some cases the agent has been a little over ambitious with their pricing recommendations, this might be why they won the instruction in the first place, flattery can be a powerful sales tool. It’s possible the agent may now be too embarrassed to admit this to the homeowner, they don’t want to ‘let them down’.

Sometimes it’s clearly the presentation that has been lacking, poor photos and a drab description might be the reason the buyers have not been queuing up to view.

After taking some fresh advice the homeowner has decided to switch, only to find they have to stay with the agent for another month plus a month’s notice before they can.  Very frustrating, just when you think you’ve got a way forward.

We know that trying to keep your house ‘viewing ready’ for 20 weeks is a really long time!  A confident agent with a marketing plan for your home shouldn’t tie you in for more than 8 weeks and really ,if you want to change 2 weeks is more than enough time for a ‘last blast’ effort to find a buyer.

Remember too there’s nothing to say you ‘have’ to change agents after the initial sole agency period.  If you’re happy and confident that the agent is working hard for you the contract will just keep rolling.

So make sure you check these 3 things before you sign on the dotted line……

  1. The length of the sole agency contract term
  2. The notice period required to end the agreement
  3. If there any fees payable if you decide to change later

If the agent is confident in their pricing and marketing they’ll still be happy to sign you up.

Trust me, I’m an estate agent . . .

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