If you’d like to make an offer…

25 Apr If you’d like to make an offer…

When you want to move home and see a property that you like, you contact the estate agent that’s advertising it and arrange a viewing.  They make the arrangements for you, show you round and answer any questions you have – that’s what you expect of the agent but once you find a property that you like and want to make an offer, what does the agent expect of you?


To make sure you’re not a drugs lord moving cash from Bogotta we ask to see some ID.

We’ll need photographic ID and proof of your address.  If you’ve got a passport and photocard driving licence, these will do.  We can accept a utilities bill as proof of address and if you haven’t got any of these, talk to us about what types of ID we can accept.

We do this to meet money laundering regulations which state that we should see ID at the start of any business relationship and we don’t put an offer forward until we’ve seen this.

Proof of funds

Don’t waste any of your hard-earned cash on solicitors or fees until we’ve checked that you can afford to buy the property.  We’ll ask to see proof of your funds right at the start to avoid any disappointment later.

This can include proof of your deposit, cash funds and mortgage agreement (often known as AIP or DIP).  If Aunt Agnes has offered to give you the deposit, we’ll need to see a statement proving she has the funds & that it wasn’t a joke after too many sherries.

If you’ve got cash tied up in a property and are using equity from the sale we ask for your estate agent’s contact details so that we can check the chain details and confirm that you have a buyer in place.

All this information gives us confidence in you being able to buy the property and means we can reassure our client when we discuss your offer with them.  Hopefully your offer will be accepted and then starts a whole new exciting chapter……

Any questions or for more information see www.robinsonreade.co.uk or call us on 01489 579009.

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