No better time for a spring clean

19 Apr No better time for a spring clean

Why clutter can cost you thousands and what to do about it in three steps

Ask any agent who knows their stuff about what is the simplest and cheapest thing a seller can do to make their home more attractive to potential buyers and they’ll tell you this.


It’s not rocket science but doing it (or not doing it) can have a huge impact on the price your home achieves.

Here are three fast tips to help you on your way to decluttering delight.

  • Start small – but start

It can seem overwhelming if you have a lot of stuff you don’t actually need, want or use. The easiest way round that is to start small. Focus on a single room, or a cupboard or even a corner of your loft or garage. Also set yourself a time limit of just ten minutes to begin with – many people find once they’ve started they gain momentum and end up decluttering for an hour. Try to remember that although you enjoy seeing all those recipe books and spice racks out on the worktop it’s far more valauble for buyers to see the space clear and decide for themselves what they will do with it.

  • Spruce it up

Once all that space has been freed up then a deep clean will do wonders – invest in some good quality cleaners to bring the stainless steel back up to its former glory. Some of the lime scale removers available in supermarkets are very effective. Black mould can be commonplace in wet areas where there is not good ventilation. As a prevention, you can buy anti mould paint and if you have one, simply open the window!

  • Does it bring joy?

A Japanese author called Marie Kondo has written a couple of bestselling books on the ‘art’ of tidying and getting rid of clutter. Her number one tip is simple: If the item doesn’t bring you a sense of joy from owning it, get rid of it. Obviously a vacuum cleaner doesn’t bring a sense of elation to the home so you need to draw the line on some things!

  • Reward yourself

Getting rid of things you’ve had for years can be stressful. You have to decide what goes, what stays and what gets put in your ‘maybe’ box (It’s good to have one of these boxes for stuff you really can’t make your mind up on). Once you’ve completed a room our advice is to give yourself a reward. A nice lunch with a friend, a ticket to a show or simply putting your feet up for an hour and watching your favourite TV show.

There is loads more information about decluttering your home and indeed your lifestyle on the internet. If you are selling this really needs to come towards the top of your to do list.

Thanks for reading and if you have any property related questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’d love to help you.



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