Removing the risk of Cowboys

22 Aug Removing the risk of Cowboys

I had a chat this week with someone who had built up and sold a successful removal company.

I asked him a question which our clients at Robinson Reade often ask us– How do you recognise a good removal company?

He told me to be use the ‘Clint Eastwood’ method when it comes to identifying a quality removal firm.

The Good – Companies that know what they are doing will be fully insured, give written, detailed quotes and offer testimonials. They usually have good websites, nice looking, sign written vans and the staff are always uniformed.

The Bad – Get three quotes. Never go with the cheapest because they are low priced for a reason and often it’s because they cut corners. If one of the corners cut is on insurance you’re prized possessions may not be covered if they get damaged or lost. They usually pay their staff less and that is reflected in service levels.

The Ugly – Appearances matter. Check their websites. Do they show shiny, well kept vehicles (remember your prized possessions will be transported in these) and uniformed staff as above. Did the guy who turned up to do the quote look like he’s just rolled in from a night out or was he presentable and pleasant? Was the quote sent back to you in writing promptly?

No matter which direction you’re moving in these tips will help you avoid the cowboys who don’t just operate in the bygone days of the Wild, Wild West.


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