Should I take my home off the market over Christmas?

01 Dec Should I take my home off the market over Christmas?

The Vicar of Dibley’s Jim Trott and 90’s band 2 Unlimited said it loud and clear, “no, no, no, no…..!”


And here’s why:-

  • Families spread far and wide make plans to move nearer to be around for each other
  • A For Sale board will get noticed by visiting relatives that have always wanted to move to the area
  • Surprise Christmas engagements might mean planning a first home together
  • New Year’s resolutions involving a job change can prompt a move
  • Spending time with elderly relatives over Christmas might mean a downsize (or to upsize with an annexe)
  • When the January sales kitchen adverts start, some people will think about a complete move rather than just upgrading their kitchen.

When all those people are tapping their phones and iPads on Rightmove, you’ll want to make sure your home appears in their search.  So, in fact, this could be the best time to be on the market.

The lead-up to Christmas can be a busy time with parties and shopping so if someone wants to come and view your property, they’re probably very serious buyers and should not be ignored.  Equally, sellers that remain on the market over Christmas are considered to be serious and motivated which attracts like-minded buyers.

One final, very important consideration is that if there are less homes on the market you’ll have less competition and so it’s more likely that you’ll secure a sale at your desired price.

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