If you’re thinking about moving house in 2024, there’s a lot to mull over, especially if you have children to consider.

We know how important (and valuable) it is to listen to your kids when you’re selling up and moving on – they always have lots of thoughts and feelings about it.

We spoke with a six-year-old, Olivia, about her family’s recent move.

Her insights are fascinating and help us see things from a kid’s point of view.

1) New friends

   “I was a bit sad to leave my friend next door. But guess what? There’s a girl next door at the new house, too. That made me excited!”

2) A bigger space

   “I thought our new house would be bigger, and I was right! There’s more room for my toys.”

3) My own room

   “I got my own room in the new house! No more listening to my big sister’s snoring all night.”

4) Packing adventures

   “We had to put all our things in boxes. It was a lot of work and sometimes confusing.”

5) Room size wonders

   “I kept wondering just how big my new room would be.”

6) First thoughts

   “When I saw our new house, I thought, ‘Very nice but a bit old.’”

7) Kitchen fun

   “There’s a breakfast bar in the kitchen. I can eat my cereal there!”

8) The moving process

   “Moving is easy-peasy. You pack, get in the car, drive to your new house, and look around.”

9) First night fun

   “We slept on a mattress on the floor the first night. It was like camping!”

10) Mixed feelings

    “I felt happy, excited, sad and glad all at once. It’s a bit strange but mostly good.”

Reflections and advice from a six-year-old mover

When we asked our young helper for advice for other kids about moving house, Olivia said, “If you’re sad about moving, it’s OK! You can make new friends. And packing can be fun. It’s like a big adventure, plus you can ask for sweets without the grown-ups complaining.”

So, if you’re considering a family move, remember to involve your little ones.

Their perspective can be eye-opening, full of surprises and often very amusing.

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