Buying a home is a huge undertaking that many property hunters find exciting – but also a bit scary.

With so much at stake, what if you make an offer you later regret? 

Or what if you don’t make an offer and miss out on a great deal?

If you often feel indecisive at viewings, here’s some advice on letting your five senses guide you. 

Your sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste will provide you with a wealth of information to help you make the right choice.

Sight: First impressions count

Before you step through the front door, pay attention to the outside of the property. Look at the neighbourhood, street cleanliness and landscaping, as these elements contribute to a home’s potential resale value. Once inside, take note of the level of natural light. A well-lit home feels warm and welcoming. 

Smell: The subtle persuader

As this week is Aromatherapy Week (8 – 14 June), it would be remiss of us not to mention the power of smell. While pleasant aromas can subtly influence buyers positively, the smell of pets, cigarettes, garlic or damp laundry can be a turn-off. If you dislike these scents, remember that they’re easy to address once you move in.

Hearing: The overlooked sense

Noise levels in and around the property can impact your living experience. Listen for traffic noise, neighbours and any potential disturbances. A quiet, peaceful environment can be a major drawcard.

Touch: Materials matter

Take note of the materials used for countertops and flooring. High-quality materials not only last longer but also add to the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the home. During viewings, touch surfaces to assess their quality and condition. 

Taste: The culinary space

While taste might not directly apply to home buying, the kitchen’s design and functionality can influence it. A well-designed kitchen that appeals to enthusiastic cooks can be a significant selling point. This space should feel functional and inviting.

In isolation, the five senses are helpful, but when combined, they’re invaluable when assessing the merits of a potential new home.

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