Wishing you a very Happy New Year

02 Jan Wishing you a very Happy New Year

As we head into 2019 we’ve been thinking about all the people we’ve met last year.  Lovely people that have invited us into their homes, all with different properties and different situations.

Some situations have meant an immediate sale; a job move or a new baby and it’s lovely to go back out to see people and get their property ready for selling straight away.  Many sales have gone through already and they will have made new memories in their new homes this Christmas.

Many people haven’t come on the market yet often because it’s just the very start of a much longer journey.  Moving house or selling up isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly.

As soon as people start thinking about future plans, we know that one of the most important pieces of information they need is a valuation to see if their plans are viable.  It can take many months, even years, of thought and other pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place before it’s completely the right time to come on the market.

We understand that.

That’s why we’re happy to pop back out anytime, to give you an update on the local market and to go through other properties that have sold to re-evaluate the price.

To us you are not a target to hit, you are not just a commission fee, you are people that we like to get to know and help out whenever we can.  So, if you want us to help you out on your journey please get back in touch anytime.  We’d love to see you again.

Jane & Emma      


jane and emma

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