Pet Owners in Park Gate – Keep Them Calm and Carry on This Fireworks Season

05 Nov Pet Owners in Park Gate – Keep Them Calm and Carry on This Fireworks Season

At Robinson Reade we love our pets.

And we get to meet plenty of our clients’ furry friends during our daily work across the Park Gate area.

According to a 2018 survey by builders, McCarthy Stone, pets made people a lot happier about their everyday lives.

45% of the people they polled said their pet is the main reason they exercise, and a whopping 31% said having a pet gives them a purpose in life.

So, now that fireworks season is back with a bang and a whoosh and frequent flashes, we thought we’d share seven simple steps you can take to help your beloved pets avoid anxiety this weekend.

Below are four tips from the world-renowned Battersea Dogs Home, followed by three more ideas from the CATS Protection charity.

  • Stay indoors. Don’t walk your dog in the evening during fireworks weekend.
  • Draw the curtains. Unexpected flashes can cause dogs anxiety as much as random bangs, so close the curtains.
  • Give your dog space. Confining your dog in one room during the evening can cause extra anxiety for them. Instead, let them wander indoors as much as they want.
  • Distract them with treats. Long-lasting chews and bones are a great way to keep their minds off what’s happening outside.
  • Stay calm. Instead of overly comforting an anxious cat, keep cool – your cat is more likely to feel relaxed if you are.
  • Create a safe space for your cat. A cardboard box lined with blankets is ideal. However, cats feel safer higher up – so place the box on a sturdy shelf if possible.
  • Play music. Cats and loud noises don’t necessarily mix. Try keeping a radio or TV on. This distraction can lessen outside noise and help if your cat gets scared from the sudden sounds of fireworks. Nina Simone’s Feline Good is a cat classic (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

More helpful information about keeping pets safe and sound can be accessed via www.cats.org.uk and www.battersea.org.uk.

Although this article features advice for dogs and cats, the basic care principles are the same for many of our beloved pets.

We hope you enjoy the fireworks this weekend and that your pets don’t even notice them.

Thanks for reading.

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