Some FAQ’s answered

27 Sep Some FAQ’s answered


“I spend a lot of time in people’s homes chatting about their move, it can be the first time for selling or it might be some time since you last sold.  Here are my tips on selling and the questions I’m asked the most.”

1. Do I have to go on the market with the agent that’s selling the house I want?

It can make sense to go on the market with the same agent that is selling the home that you’d like to buy, but only if:-

  • you trust that the agent will be honest with you and work for your best interests. Are you sure that they are able to secure that house for you or do you run the risk of going on with them and then you don’t secure the house you wanted.  They could be using that house as a carrot for other home owners. Don’t let them tie you into a long contract in case it doesn’t work out or another house comes on the market and you change your mind.
  • the agent has a full time Sales Progressor as communication in the sales chain will be easier with less Estate Agents involved.

2. There are so many agents to choose from, who should I choose?

Why not call into their office, ring them, go out viewing with them and you can try them out.  See if they’re the sort of people that you like and that you trust to do their best for you.  At Robinson Reade we want you to enjoy this journey and be as happy with us at the end of our relationship as you are at the beginning.

3. Should I go on the market with the agent that valued £10,000 higher?

That depends if the other agent gave you a higher valuation to make you feel better or because they justified a higher price with evidence of proven sales? It’s a cheap trick to over value simply to get an instruction. And if you’re tied into a long contract and the higher price doesn’t work out you’ll be stuck with them.  At Robinson Reade, our valuations are ALWAYS based on extensive market research and evidence of sold prices. But ultimately, it’s your choice what price you wish to market your home for and it’s our job to set your expectations accordingly.  We can provide evidence that we have less price reductions than other agents, supporting the fact that we price them right.  We won’t tie you into a long contract though and we hope that you’ll want to stay with us and we’ll prove how we’re working in your best interests.

4. Shall I use the agent with the biggest market share?

Of course you can, if you like.  But what’s in it for you?  Do you go to the biggest gym because it’s got the most members?  Do you eat at the busiest restaurant because everyone else does?  If an agent has the biggest market share it’s likely they’ll be showing buyers your home, as well as a long list of homes….  An agent might tell you that to buy in Whiteley you stand the best chance of finding your next home if you go on the market with the market leader.  But what if they’re saying that to people viewing your house just to get their house on the market. You might be getting tied up with a buyer that’s not necessarily the best one.

You might want to ask how long chains are taking to complete because the last thing you want is to be held up with your move because being the market leader must mean a hefty lots of sales chasing. That’s why we employ a full time Sales Progressor to help manage your move.

5. Where are your offices?

We all enjoy the convenience of on-line shopping but when thinking about a serious purchase people want to talk face to face. We spent the first 15 years of business with an office in Whiteley and with the introduction of more on-line transactions it made more business sense to have an office in a high street location.

The place to do that locally is Middle Road, Park Gate where there are 10 agents to choose from. If you’re secret shopping or finding a new home this is where you’ll come.  And it’s where your buyers call into to find out what’s on the market.

6. What am I signing?

Hands up, we’ve all done it once in our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and in the excitement and signed on the dotted line.  It’s only afterwards that we scan the text and double-check what we’ve actually signed for.

Beware, and ask the question, what am I actually signing?

How long is this contract for?

Do I have a cooling off period?

How do I get out of this contract?

Things don’t always turn out the way we plan and there could be a change in circumstances.   If you sign in an office you don’t have a 14 day cooling off period that you would signing a contract in your home.

At Robinson Reade we want to help you move home – that’s our aim.  And we want us to have a successful working relationship and if you’re unhappy with anything at any time we want to be able to resolve any issues and work together.

That’s why we won’t tie you into a long contract, why we give you a short notice period and why you’ll have a cooling off period if you sign in your home.

Emma Daly

Property Consultant




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